Welcome to NorseDM.com

NorseDM.com is up and running!

I have more experience battling giants than tinkering with web design, so I thank Kvasir and Google for their infinite wisdom and assistance.

If you’re new here, feel free to poke around.

Quick Site Guide

  • Home. See what I’m up to. Recent works, services I offer, etc.
  • Blog. Occasionally I may post a blog about conventions, ongoing projects, or new opportunities.
  • Portfolio. Take a look at what I’ve worked on and who I’ve worked with. My portfolio is always growing.
  • About. Get to know me.
  • Contact. Get in touch with me. Questions, collaborations, and commissions.

Oath of the Aesir

I thought it would be appropriate to debut the Norse DM website with a Norse-themed product. I’ll be releasing a 5th Edition paladin oath, The Oath of the Aesir, on June 30th, 2019.

The cover was done by Tom Cantwell.
> Follow Tom!


– Justice, the Norse DM

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